Quality. Control. 

Direct oversight.  Accountability.  Responsibility.  No middle men.

Costello Construction was founded on the principles of self-performance. Our company-owned equipment and self performance capabilities help us ensure that we are delivering the highest quality of work, control schedule and budget, and respond quickly to project needs.

Quality Work

With our own highly-skilled employees doing the work, we know the job will be done right. We take pride in our reputation for delivering quality results.

Cost Control

Our ability to self perform site work, concrete work and more—combined with the benefits of owning a significant amount of heavy equipment and large tools—helps reduce client costs and keeps our field crew in line with critical construction schedules.


Performing work with our own forces
and equipment gives us more flexible scheduling capabilities. We don’t have to rely on the availability of external resources.

Our Self Performance Capabilities Include:

  • General Site Work

  • Excavation & Backfill

  • Site Concrete

  • Building Concrete

  • Site Utilities

  • Carpentry

  • Traffic Management

  • Specialty Item Installation

  • Underpinning

  • Waterproofing

  • Electrical Duct Banks

  • Grading & Paving

Poured Concrete

Poured Concrete

Tilt-up Concrete

Tilt-Up Concrete

Site Concrete

Site Concrete

Excavation, self=performed by Costello Construction


Sheeting and Shoring, Self-Performed by Costello Construction

Sheeting & Shoring

Grading & Paving, Self-Performed by Costello Construction

Grading & Paving

Costello Construction's 130-ton crane at Silver Spring Library

Crane Operation

Underpinning, Self-Performed by Costello Construction


Site Utilities, Self-Performed by Costello Construction

Site Utilities

Precast Setting, Self-Performed by Costello Construction

Precast Setting

Carpentry, Self-Performed by Costello Construction


Site Work, Self-Performed by Costello Construction

Site Work





The Costello Fleet of Construction Vehicles

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  • Crane
    2013 GROVE RT9130E 130-ton Rough Terrain
  • Excavators
    303, 308C, 330D, 330C, 330B, 349CAT
  • Loaders
    950F and 963B CAT
  • Backhoe
    436CH CAT
  • Bull Dozers
    D4 and D6 CAT
  • Motor Grader
    12H CAT
  • CAT Articulating Dump Trucks
    Two (2) 725 CAT

  • Roller
    CS433 CAT
  • Rammax Multiquip
    Four (4) P33/24FMR and RW1404
  • Sokia 84″ Roller
  • Snorkle 80′ Boom Lift
  • Skyjack Scissor Lift
  • Skid Steers
    287B CAT, Two (2) 260 John Deere
    and Bobcat
  • Breaking Hammer Attachment H70S, H140DS, and H550
  • Air Compressors
  • Generator Sets